Axiomatic Field Theory
Understanding an Underlying Quantum Reality through Mathematical Innovation

editor: Frank van den Bovenkamp MSc

TetraLogic - in collaboration with the University of Delft (NL), newly founded company Collin bv and other parties.

New fundamental and applied research creates new avenues for P.R. Sarkar's microvita theory to get wider recognition. As of Oct. 2017 we have been preparing for the second (ScaleUp) phase of a Social Innovation project for education and companies. Part of the project is building a scientific basis for re-structuring information- and knowledge flows based on human-centered principles. The project which already runs since before 1995 is government funded (total first round 25 Mio). The scale-up round which is prognosed at 50 Mio, with 7 project partners, is expected to give ample scope for breakthrough R&D, including microvita related.

TetraLogic is a new axiomatic framework for managing complexity. It is based on microvita theory as well as various Western sources, from Buckminster Fuller to Quantum Field Theory. "Tetra" indeed refers to P.R. Sarkar's "Four Chamber" cosmological model, however was in this context initially based on the Aristotelian Four Causes. The tetrahedron, one of the regular Platonics, is shown to function as much more than only a handy visualization - it is a geometric resonance and building block at the heart of evolution, mediating synergy and energy on all levels. See movie about tetra dynamics in applied creation logic for social as well as for technological systems.

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Updated Jan. 01, 2019

Quantum Axiomatic Framework
The journey of quantum physics... is a journey into the heart of the atom...
is a journey toward understanding the underlying reality of confinement

Democritus (400 BC)
Dalton (1803 )

Thompson (1904), Rutherford (1911), Bohr (1913)

De Broglie (1924), Schrödinger (1926)
(till today)

Quantum Chromodynamics ('50's, '60's, '70's)

Working hypothesis: confinement through scalar synchronization
(non-quartic S.B.)

Possible applications / R&D:
- "Intelligent" entanglement
- Mass gap problem
- Quantum determinism ('t Hooft, ...)
- more...

Logic of Axiomatic Action Potentials in Philosophy and Physics

The function of Causal Matrix in spiritual philosophy ("Cycle of Creation") resp. physics ("atom" = "Point of Creation").
"Purusa" is the omni-connected, reflective principle or entity in the heart of the Causal Matrix.

Sarkar frequently referred to spirituality as "the path of supreme synthesis". In that sense, science and spirituality may not be fundamentally different, but the initial motivation is. In terms of axiomatic guna logic, the different viewpoints are reflected in how in each resp. case the "guna's" (axiomatic action potentials) are interpreted, that is, after the onset of auto-genesis.


Quantum Self-Flow
Self-reference as the vacuum creating mechanism - an introduction

Whereas in philosphy the wave simply breaks "out of" the Causal Matrix,
in physics waves exist in their own medium, the physical vacuum

"Contrary to common belief, it is not difficult to construct deterministic models where stochastic behavior is correctly described by quantum mechanical amplitudes, in precise accordance with the Copenhagen-Bohr-Bohm doctrine. What is difficult however is to obtain a Hamiltonian that is bounded from below, and whose ground state is a vacuum that exhibits complicated vacuum fluctuations, as in the real world." -
G. 't Hooft, "Determinism beneath Quantum Mechanics"

In his own comments on his philosophical treatise, P.R. Sarkar identifies nucleus Consciousness as "svabhava", the latter being the "characteristic bearing of Consciousness". It essentially states that Consciousness is it's own characteristic bearing - in other words, that which is commonly referred to as "Consciousness" is a continual state of self-reference.


Synchronizing the Field

"A day is sure to come when an omega of mathematics will coincide with an omega of biochemistry. All formulae and theories followed up till now will have to be reformulated, redefined and reclassified." - P.R. Sarkar, "The Neo-Ethics of Multi-Lateral Salvation"

The leading thought is that, whereas photons are the quanta of energy, postulated by Albert Einstein in 1905, microvita, introduced by P.R. Sarkar in 1986, are quanta of synergy. This concept is reflected in Sarkar's "Four Chamber" cosmology, with complementary roles for the "energy" and "actional" principles, that is, synthetic or "subjective" attractors. The latter of the two, which is the "concentrated form of microvita", is hypothized to have a synergetic function, and thus microvita are quanta of synergetic action.

Above image is from the video, exploring a working hypothesis how (quantized) synergetic action, in other words, microvita could relate to, and be understood in terms of mathematics, and especially the mathematics of quantum physics.


A New Type of Symmetry Breaking

"After about 1980 it became clear that quantum field theory would always be with us. But there began to be doubts whether or not this was truly a fundamental theory, or merely an effective field theory - perhaps a theory which arises from a deeper underlying theory which might not even be a quantum field theory at all". - Stephen Weinberg

The synchronized Field has the propensity to function as a nucleus with the purpose of materializing itself,
providing a new, singular axiomatic theorem of confinement and deconfinement in Quantum Field Theory


Visualizing the Cosmic Nucleus in 3D
See in a glance how the hidden field produces the "2-theta" external oscillation

move over or tap on either image to activate (may take a few seconds to load)

When the hidden field comes under the influence of the "Trigunatmika" or Causal Matrix, the internal (phase) waves are getting synchronized, whereby their sum total power produces the "2-theta" external wave - the matterwave or Cycle of Creation. The role of "Phi", the Golden Ratio, is to optimize the synchronization. Now the field starts acting as a functional nucleus, theoretically on the brink of autogenesis, and in QFT on the edge of symmetry breaking.

This extra-ordinarily potential state of "creating something out of nothing" is very similar to the concept of "Purusottama" or Cosmic Nucleus in philosophy. Through the Cosmic Nucleus, the universe in its totality contributes to each and every particle, living entity and celestial body, making all move as one. In science and technology, the synchronized field opens the door to an underlying quantum reality and helps us to understand how life works, and to design synergetic systems and organisations.

In above animations, the synchronized field is manually projected as a sphere, as if it acts as a physical nucleus. The synchronization is accurate, but as a model it is just a visualization. Somewhat by chance it does however show a rather compelling centripetal, or convergent, or confining (QFT) action, as one would naturally expect in the subsequent stages.


Seeing the Invisible
Can our brain detect the hidden geometry of the synchronized field?

Every child can see what no physicist so far has explained, detected or even questioned. The perception of primary colors is universal, and therefore experimentally repeatable. They occupy distinct wavelengths within the visible spectrum. Even if the primary colors are an artifact of the brain, or (otherwise) "subjective", that does not make them trivial. On the contrary, it can been shown that the primary colors emerge at the boundary of the interacting, geometrized quantum fields. Put simply, a color is perceived as "primary", if there is an optimal geometric alignment between energy (light) and synergy (color). Or, as quanta - between photons and microvita.

The movie shows the "Geometric Origin of Color" as a concrete art-installation design.

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