Quantum Self-Flow
Self-reference as the vacuum creating mechanism - an introduction

In his own comments on his philosophical treatise, P.R. Sarkar identifies nucleus Consciousness as "svabhava", the latter being the "characteristic bearing of Consciousness". It essentially states that Consciousness is it's own characteristic bearing - in other words, that which is commonly referred to as "Consciousness" is a continual state of self-reference.

Furthermore, in Theory of Creation, the concept of self-reference is implied in the recurrence of the triangle of axiomatic potentials aka Causal Matrix, philosophically as well as physically.

Both viewpoints, that is, philosophy and axiomatic theory, find common ground in the concept of a sequential (matter-) wave, issuing from a hidden, primordial state. Either as a fully attributed "Cycle of Creation" or as an axiomatic principle.

Whereas in philosphy the wave simply breaks "out of" the Causal Matrix,
in physics waves exist in their own medium, the physical vacuum

The physical application of the Causal Matrix requires a physical medium. In a paper on quantum determinism, G. 't Hooft noted, in short, that it is difficult to create a "sufficiently complex vacuum state based on stochastic behavior". A new quantum field interactive mode is proposed, implementing the concept of self-reference ("svabhava"), as the type of stochastic behaviour which facilitates such a vacuum, while possibly implying a form of quantum determinism.

The standard implementation of a vacuum in QFT is the scalar interaction (phi x phi*). This is a rudimental non-linear or anharmonic mode which indeed implies a complicated (in the sense of "interesting") vacuum. But it is not a fundamental theory - it is merely an effective theorem based on a qualified, primordial vacuum.

The shift in thinking is that the primordial vacuum does exist, but the interactive mode is not an attribute of the vacuum state directly - it is an effect of the interactions under specific conditions. The primordial state is the "svabhava", the continual flow of self-reference. The Trigunatmika or Causal Matrix effectuates the primordial state in the form of scale-invariant, synchronized phase-waves. It is demonstrated that the synchronized vacuum is anharmonic and therefore complicated.

In other words, the primordial vacuum state is self-reference and is unqualified. A physical vacuum is formed by the Causal Matrix acting as an operator on the primordial state. This is the "vacuum-creating mechanism".