A New Type of Symmetry Breaking

The synchronized Field has the propensity to function as a nucleus with the purpose of materializing itself,
provinding a new, singular axiomatic theorem of confinement and deconfinement in Quantum Field Theory

Conventionally, symmetry is broken by manually placing a constraint on the scalar field by means of a rudimentary compound, so-called "quartic" interaction (phiphi)2. Added to the default mode this produces the noted "Mexican hat" potential well:

The conventional SSB potential well with its default and added compound excitation modes and parameters


An alternative mechanism of symmetry breaking is proposed, relating to microvita theory and other sources, which introduces a more yielding (and arguably more natural) binding of the field's free motions based on synchronized excitations:

The synchronized groundstate, from the video. The resultant field or wave shape is plotted against the fundamental or hidden cycle.
The sum total power yields a "2 theta" resonant mode: the fully computable solution of a new, synchronized path integral.

Counting the field's 10 degrees of freedom

The central idea is that the synchronized scalar field is at first non-dimensional and neither represents symmetry nor broken symmetry, but is dynamically, and in effect "intelligently" poised at the edge of symmetry breaking. Each single period of the composite, synchronized phase-wave continually consists of exactly 10 simultaneous sub-fluctuations:

The synchronized field's 10 continual sub-fluctuations per sync period,
here also indentified by means of the wave's derivative

Numerically, these sub-fluctuations express the 10 degrees of freedom in high resp. low energy physics in 3 dimensions:

High energy
4 scalar fields
(no spin)
+ 3 Yang Mills fields
with each 2 spins
= 10 degrees of freedom
Low energy
1 neutral scalar field
(no spin)
+ 3 massive vector fields
with each 3 spins
= 10 degrees of freedom

In the low energy state, 3 of the 4 scalar fields have been "consumed" by the intermediate vector bosons, producing one extra spin each, and mass. The idea is that every natural system constitutes a mix of high- and low energy states, continually poised at the edge of equilibrium, and this is precisely what the synchronized state represents. The remaining "neutral" scalar field, i.e. the unchanged portion which is not involved in external interactions, is the hidden, fundamental or principal cycle or mode of the synchronized groundstate.

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Gerard 't Hooft Oppenheimer lecture, 1:16:36
G. Srinivasan, The Secret of Sankhya, e.g. page

Synchronizing the field: the causal matrix of axiomatic action potentials or "guna's"

"At very high energies this Higgs field fluctuates so much that you don't notice symmetry breaking" (G. 't Hooft). This state can be emulated by a computer but has not yet been decribed mathematically. In philosophy a similarly fundamental state is described as the "Tri-guna-atmika", the "triangle of forces" operating on the edge of equilibrium. P.R. Sarkar never explicitly used the term "guna's", which is mainly known as a philosophical concept, in connection to microvita theory. The "guna's" of philosophy exist however and might in a physics context be referred to e.g. as "fundamental stresses" or "axiomatic action potentials": confining (static), resonant (mutative) and radiant (sentient). Acting in unison, they form the ultimate operative principle of creation (phil. "Mulaprakrtii") and the formal synthesis of the synchronized groundstate.

The "Trigunatmika" or Causal Matrix can be seen as the synthesizing agent of the sub-wave fabric of creation, which thus, under that "binding force", transitions - not into a broken symmetry - but into a synchronized state on the edge of symmetry breaking. Each of the three "binding forces" or action potentials hereby represents a functional ratio of a scale-invariant sub-wave ensemble in a potential vacuum, as follows:

In other words, by axiomatically synthesizing, all THREE attributes of a wave (frequency, phase and wavelength), a consistent (and "complicated" - 't Hooft) vacuum is implied. This is exactly the function of the Causal Matrix, where "the three Forces encircle the Purusa" (Sarkar).
A relation between the "guna's" of philosophy and Quantum Field Theory could have interesting implications for both. By introducing the concept of a synchronized groundstate in QFT, continually balanced on the edge of symmetry breaking, certain fundamental issues in QFT such as the path integral problem or the mass gap problem could be addressed in a new way, be simplified or solved in the first place.

Gerard 't Hooft Oppenheimer lecture, 1:16:36
P.R. Sarkar, Ananda Sutram, Chapter 4

A new type of boson?

The synchronized scalar fluctuations are not the original "guna's", but are guna interaction combinations / permutations or GICP's. The GICP's come in two forms, based on the type of oscillation:

A "top-view" of the phasically evolving synchronized groundstate, showing two main oscillatiory modes.
Light colors correspond to peaks, dark colors to troughs. It could be speculated that the "Propagating"
and "Stationary" types of boson correspond to "positive" (pro-mind) and "negative" (pro-matter) microvita.

It is proposed that these GICP's closely corroborate a principal form of microvita. In terms of quantum physics, GICP's could possibly be referred to as a new type of boson, i.e. a force carrying particle - in this case a "synergetic force", possibly preserving a synergetic conservation law.

Volumetric implications of the synchronized groundstate
- From wave-ratio's to geometric ratio's

In the synchronized field, the ratio between the hidden resp. vacuum modes and the composite, synchronized mode implicates a triad of geometrical properties, which may lead on to further steps in creation:

• The ("2 theta") vacuum (resp. nuclear) mode, with period T1 = T0 / 2, is represented as a sphere

• The synchronized mode, with period Tphi is represented as a cube (100% 3D space filling)

• It accurately generates the number Pi from "first principles" ~ 6 * T1 / Tphi

• An interactive resonance between the two, setting up the Hydrogen energy levels

A more or less direct volumetric implication of axiomatic guna logic was worked out by G. Srinivasan (Secret of Sankhya). The interactive resonance between the hidden and vacuum modes was referred to as Volumetric (or Vacuum) Harmonic Oscillator (VHO). Srinivasan's approach however is not based on quantum field excitations.

Note: the slight (0.3%) deviation of the axiomatically generated Pi (πaxiomatic. ≈ 1.00280π) might macrocosmically in fact account for the effect known as gravity.

The synchronized scalar wave in non-linear synthesis,
with its internal geometrical properties