Synchronizing the Field
Toward a mathematics of axiomatic field theory - an introduction

A quantum of synergy
The leading thought is that, whereas photons are the quanta of energy, postulated by Albert Einstein in 1905, microvita, introduced by P.R. Sarkar in 1986, are quanta of synergy. This concept is reflected in Sarkar's "Four Chamber" cosmology, with complementary roles for the "energy" and "actional" principles, that is, synthetic or "subjective" attractors. The latter of the two, which is the "concentrated form of microvita", is hypothized to have a synergetic function, and thus microvita are quanta of synergetic action.

Above images are from the video exploring how (quantized) synergetic action, in other words, microvita could relate to, and be understood in terms of mathematics, and especially the mathematics of quantum physics.

The term microvita is not used, but the place to spot them is right where the different quantum fields interact on the complex boundary of symmetry breaking. It's somewhat like the waves inbetween the still water below and the air above, moving, and being moved by both..

Counting the field's 10 degrees of freedom
Synergetically aligned quantum fluctuations moving at that boundary represent the total 10 degrees of freedom of the quantum fields. Whereas the interaction is complex and in a sense unpredicable (stochastic), its underlying principle is completely deterministic and beautifully articulated through 10 peaks continually showing up in the resulting wave, as demonstrated in the video.

Moreover, the way how these quantum fluctuations are synchronized, is through a tripple of controlling parameters which could be seen as the synchronized "guna's" - the axiomatic, primordial action potentials of philosophy. The 10 peaks of the complex, synchronized wave could represent 10 "guna-interaction combinations and permutations " or GICP's in short.

Neither the quantum fluctuations at the boundary, nor the guna's forming the Causal Matrix, are thought to be precisely "microvitic" in nature, but the "GICP's", and thus also, the 10 degrees of freedom in Quantum Field Theory (QFT).

A new Path Integral.. with a computable solution
The so called "path integral" is a formalism in QFT describing how quantum states change, but it looks like it fails to detect an underlying, synergetic state of the quantum field which could be crucial for the creation of life. A Synchronized (or Anharmonic) Path Integral is introduced that could solve a number of issues in Quantum Field Theory, while at the same time providing clues to the deeper nature of microvita.