A higher physics view of the Ultimate Atom

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"You know there is something in "truth" which, even if people do not understand it, resonates at a deeper level. Your moving animation of the anu is in a way an ultimate archetype so when it is published people may benefit from just looking and meditating on it. An interesting thought is whether it might provoke a positive Heart Coherence reaction in certain sensitive people?"
  William Keidan, Australia

Measuring Internal Cardiac Coherence in the Heart's ECG

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more 3D visualisations of the "Anu" or "UPA" - Ultimate Physical Atom
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The "ANU" or Ultimate Atom, intuitively seen and described by C.W. Leadbeater and others, is to be seen as the universal Atom of Life, rather than (only) the material atom.

It may never be known for sure whether his drawing was intended to be the literal report of a clairvoyant vision, or is (partly) a result of artistic freedom.

Nevertheless it shows a number of features which could possibly be attributed to the symmetry operations of 3-dimensional vacuum wave physics, which became popularized and over-simplified as "Sacred Geometry".

The "ANU" is certainly part and parcel of a cosmology in which life itself is the cornerstone of all creation. It can be seen as the universal heart of all living entities: photons, atoms and molecules, cells, organisms, stars, planets and ecosystems, galaxies and the universe itself.

Microvita and Microvita cosmology

The concept of "Microvitum" (plural Microvita) of P.R. Sarkar is somewhat similar to that of the "Anu", but takes it a step further in that it seems to not only quantize but also qualify the system of internal coherence (symmetry operations resp. charge coherence) of all life. In other words Microvita science is a system of both quantizing and qualifying internal coherence. According to P.R. Sarkar, billions of atoms collaborate to form one singe atom, a concept that bears some resemblance e.g. to the [..] forming the spirellae of the Anu, as described by Geoffry Hodson from his higher-physical observations.
P.R. Sarkar emphasises in his discourses the effect that different types of Micro
vita have in particular on the human mind. He also points at some physical effects, for example resulting in different burning temperatures of otherwise identical gasses. Unlike the Anu, Microvita have no inner structure. P.R. Sarkar also proposed new (Sanskrit) terms to describe a very innovative Microvita cosmology.

Below follows an excerpt from "Clairvoyant Investigations by Geoffrey Hodson and David Lyness, 1957-1959"

GH- Just a moment ... They are built of anus, but as ... these ... er ... granular force which is built on single anus rushes out and then turns at right angles, several coagulate, several go together -(P)- I think it is true to say that, I am under correction that, all this phenomena of forms and dots of force and funnels and the resultant geometrical figures is pervaded by a finer force, a finer substance with smaller particles still. (LP) This is at the edge of the ... at the edge of the physical world where the astral and the physical meet or merge each into the other end at that point there, these smallest of all dots or points of force which are not yet coordinated into any shape at all but remain at that point, uppermost tenuity of physical substance, remain free, like free elemental essence, and it is immediately below that the dots begin to coagulate into slightly larger dots and so on and on until the whole regular system begins to be formed. -(P)- GH- Now don't interrupt - disturb me now, I want to follow this through. Oh, I see. To put all this in another way. There is a free floating extremely tenuous, extremely fine granular substance or condition of matter, which isn't part of these forms at all. It flows freely in between all interstices. It's loose, free, unused matter, waiting to be created, put into forms, and that is rather deceiving. I am glad I have found it, because I have been puzzled by these still finer points of light which pervade all the phenomena I have been trying to examine, and I think it is independent of the forms. Just floating free, not used. Now watching it, then I also see that from it there suddenly gets sucked as it were into a funnel a stream of this force and that some of the minute dots coagulate, but some don't. That they go rushing down the funnel. This is the reservoir of matter that I am seeing. The free unformed - momentarily unformed, then as I watch I see there is a sucking of it into the forms, and it rushes down to produce the forms. Now it is necessary for me with my great limitations to be on guard against confusing this omnipresent finely grained substance with the structure of occult chemistry atoms.

Vacuum Coherence Physics

The subject of Vacuum Coherence Physics (VCP), being developed by myself, focuses on the physics and mathematics of the underlying symmetry operations of creation in the first place, as well as their relationship to (electrical) charge, gravitation, inertia, time and space and entropy. VCP is not a in the first place cosmology, but can be applied to cosmology. In this function, it is perfectly coherent with Microvita cosmology, while adding a scientific description of the inner workings of creation which Sarkar refers to as "the Abstract".


The "Anu" as envisioned by Leadbeater and others, is most likely an entity existing and functioning in the phase right in-between "matter" and "the abstract" - although these terms are to be much better defined. This is in fact the definition for the location and role of Microvita by Sarkar. In the case of the "Anu" both its model (spiralling toroidal), its function and its location bear a basic resemblance to the more simple toroidal primary charge topology in VCP. In VCP, primary "charge" (not yet electrical - polarized) indicates the shape of the 3-D transformation of internal space (where the symmetry operations take place) into normal space. It is remotely reminiscent to Einsteinian space-time curvature, it causes the creation of diversity and thus forms the onset of normal physics (the inner symmetry operations remain in the form of the nuclear forces).

The most striking difference between the "Anu" and the primary charge toroid is its much more attributed structure. This can hint at the still very primal stage of VCP, but can also indicate a transformation of the simple toroid into a subsequent plane of creation. The impression arises that the primary toroidal charge topology may form the mould or substrate for more intricate electro-hydro-dynamics going on, that is, right on its surface. After all, the "Anu" despite its intricacies embodies primarily a surface topology. In other words, the spiralling action could be the actual electro dynamics of two physical media clashing into each other, while still maintaining a net equilibrium. Thus the "Anu", in the way depicted especially by Babbitt, might reveal at the same time the all over form (envelope) and the all over dynamics ("spirellae") of the "Anu", and the detailed dynamics of the spirellae.

The "Anu" could quite easily be taken as a subtler physics perception and description of actual atoms, already by its form. Constellations of Anu forming molecules were also described. In the case the Anu is taken as the heart of a more complex living entity, or for example a celestial body, the shape may clearly depart from the shape of the material body (endoplasmic coverage). The resemblance with the biological heart however remains striking, and this may hint at the fact that the Anu should be seen as the (electro-hydro-dynamic) embodiment of the controlling nucleus of a living entity, irrespective of its physical shape. This is similar to the idea of a microcosm. That is, a person is a microcosm, and so are the cells in the body, but the material body itself is not a microcosm.


The "Anu" seems a scientifically very relevant object, although the way it was seen and described is, let's say, scientifically "challenging". It may give a very clear incentive to look at further physics (possibly electro-hydro-dynamics) going on, quoting P.R. Sarkar, "at the silver lining between matter and the Abstract".

To close with an unsolicited and spontaneous comment from "Hron", an esoteric student from Boston, U.S.A., who said after seeing the 3D animation:

"Sometimes if I concentrate on it, I can see a fairly clear image of the anu rotating upon itself in that indescribably fourth dimensional way, seeming to turn itself inside-out and then inside-in again, cycling over and over again, first heart shaped, then as the whorls rotate through the form in that fascinating motion, it extends itself more lengthwise, with the forward-moving wave of the whorls seeming to cause the elongation, then back to heart shaped again, with the whorls flowing in indescribable arabesques, yet strangely weighty and powerful for something so delicate and pure. It seems mechanical and repetitive and yet consciously beautiful at the same time, and very, very much alive.."

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Original drawing by Leadbeater


Original drawing by Babbitt

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