FractalSynth download and setup instructions (for easy printout)
date: march 2010

1. You may first want to create a (temporary) download folder, and name it for example "FractalSynth download" but you can also use any existing folder, or simply your desktop as download location.

2. Double-click the item you want to download, this will usually open your standard download utility OR right-click the item, which will open a menu where you can select a download utility you may have installed (e.g. DAP Plus or etc.);

3. In the dialog box of your download utility click a "browse" or "select" or etc. button to select your preferred download location. Then click "OK" or "Start" or etc. to start the download;

4. Your download utility will alert you that the download is ready, and in most cases ask you to either open the just downloaded file, or open the download folder. Select to open the download folder, so that you can see the file sitting in the download folder;

5. Start the setup by double-clicking the just downloaded item FS_setup.exe. The setup is a so-called "selfextractor", this is a compressed archive (".zip" type) which automatically unzips and installs its files to the designated location. The application is a so-called "isolated setup" which means that all files are placed inside one folder: this is the application folder;

6. After having started the self-extractor, you get a welcome message, after reading click "OK";

7. Now you see the following dialog box with some options you can select:

"Unzip to folder:" here you can enter or change your application folder. The default location is:
C:\Program Files\TrigunaMedia\Fractal Synthesizer\".
Click "Browse" to select an alternative application folder from a list.
"Overwrite files.." leave this options checked if you agree to overwrite files from a previous installation on the same location.
"When done.." leave this option checked to auto-start the application after finishing the setup
"Unzip" - click here to start the setup

8. To start your FractalSynth software again later, use the shortcut on your desktop.

©TrigunaMedia, 2010