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Welcome to the short tutorial and user guide for Heart Coherence team's "Fractal Synthesizer" version 1.0. With the "Fractal Synthesizer" you can create various so called "heterodyned" coherent frequency patterns which are thought to be fundamental for biological process and the emerging of life-force and self-awareness. Explore the (linear) spectrum of coherent heterodyne signals using the Fast Fourier algorithm, and "re-engineer" the original signal using "normal" waves of the world of Newtonian physics to get a glance of why nature creates fractality as well as arithmetics all around.

The purpose of this tutorial is to create some insight in the coherent wave types interacting in the context of the Vacuum Coherence Physics - Unified Field model. With the step-by-step guide using different presets directly from this HTML page you can reproduce some of the curious aspects of these frequency patterns, especially when the heterodynes form a Golden Mean or Octave Ratio recursive cascade. More backgrounds and the practical application in EKG / EEG biometrics can be found at www.heartcoherence.com.

Working with the Fractal Synthesizer

Please go through the step-by-step quick tutorial one time to easily capture the essence, after that you can play at will. The quick guide only discusses the plain technical wave issues and program options. You could opt to first SKIP the following theoretical part on Vacuum Coherence Physics.

Waves of Life

"Heterodyning" is a technical term for waves interacting purely based upon wavelengths resp. frequencies. It can approximately be seen as a very subtle form of information exchange. This is different from "Newtonian" interactions which are based upon actual ("rude") energy exchange. The latter are also called "group-phenomenae" (having a "group-velocity") and are the essence of normal physics, also in the organic body. Heterodyning physics is believed to be responsible for the subtler qualities, in particular various synergetic (also called "neg-entropic") effects, and are as a result of their super-luminal characteristics the essence of life force and self-awareness.

Heterodyne waves are also called "phase waves", they are fully recognized by classical physics but are usually neglected for being "irrelevant" for physical events. But this is not completely correct. Allthough indeed from the traditional physics point of view, life-force and self-awareness are subtle or "subjective" effects emerging from material processes (also called "subjective") , we must acknowledge the fact that both play an active, even crucial role in creation. This means that in physics terms we need to describe the "observed" ánd the "observer" both as a wave-phenomenon. Their interactions resp. effects on the very subtle phase-wave-level, energy level and matter level account for the perceived reality, including the objective body and senses. Perception thus forms an inalienable part of physics, and is by all known standards a biological event. This forms the basic model of a Unified Field theory called "Vacuum Coherence Physics", or shortly "VCP".

The central issue is how these subtle phase-waves not only manage to survive in the turbulent and unpredictable thermodynamic ocean, but actually start controlling material processes from a cosmic ("super-luminal") vantage point. This phenomenon of phase-waves literally getting in charge results in nothing less than the advent of life in the universe, on all scales - atomic, biological and cosmic. This is what makes the cosmos a place of meaning, purpose and beauty. The physics principle of subtle phase-waves taking control is called "heterodyne phase-conjugation" and especially in relation to bio-physiology it is usually called "coherence".

With Heart Coherence team's Fractal Synthesizer software you can visualise and explore the basic forms of coherence among heterodyning waves, and how they dynamically interact with the force waves of the Newtonian universe.

Vacuum Coherence Physics Unified Field model

In the VCP - Unified Field model, the combined "emergent" plus, simultaneously "controlling" effects of life-force and self-awareness working together account for a subtly balanced diagram of conscious perception vs. creation, which is called a meta-stable equilibrium.

The general VCP - Unified Field diagram

Principal components of VCP Unified Field model:

Emerging type A: a number of type B group-phenomenae forming "inertial / emotional patterns" is synergised by the "observed" principle - this creates a type A phase-wave in the form of pure life-force. Emerging type B: a number of type A group-phenomenae forming energy patterns is correlated by the "observing" principle - this creates a type B phase-wave in the form of pure self-awareness.
Reduction type B: a type B phase-wave in the form of pure self-awareness translates into a type B inertial / emotional group phenomenon. Reduction type A: a type A phase-wave in the form of pure life-force translates into a type A energy group phenomenon.

Ideal closed-loop flow diagram of VCP Unified Field model:

Breakthrough concepts and implications of VCP - Unified Field model in different fields:

VCP Unified Field Theory
Life itself is the cornerstone of all creation and is itself an explicit form of the Unified Field; Life forms the "missing link" between quantum physics and relativity. Life is an intricate, meta-stable equilibrium of perception and creation.

Phase-waves are not only relevant, but as a matter of fact crucial to all creation;
Not only the "observed" but also the "observer" are considered wave-phenomenae;
The phenomena of biological perception is an inalienable part of physics.

The traditional "observer" vs. "observed" is no longer the same as the traditional "subjective" vs. "objective" - the former combine to form the individual perceptive principle, the latter are conceptual creative factors, individual and universal.
Biometrics All EKG patterns can essentially be seen as a composite of arithmetic and fractal patterns - All EEG spectra are essentially a combination of octave and Golden Mean recursive cascades. Through these measurements various explicit coherent states can be established which are in reality the foundation of all mental process.
Metaphysics Is not a proper term - ALL is physics, but may conceptually be divided in material and transcendental physics, plus the meta-stable equilibrium among them.
All disciplines
The subtle factors of "life-force" and " and "self-awareness" are a crucial and active part and parcel of the "ABC" of creation: atomic - biological - cosmic

VCP fundamental coherent group + phase-waves types
the wave types are arranged cross-wise to match the above diagrams

Type A Phase waves Type B Phase waves
Golden Mean heterodyne
(pure Life-force)
Octave Heterodyne
(pure Self-awareness)
Type B Group waves Type A Group waves
(sometimes referred to as "matter waves)
Fractal conjugate
(sometimes referred to as "matter waves)
Arithmetic conjugate

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Interactive Tutorial

Visualising coherent wave patterns with help of the Fractal Synthesizer

Please note: you can activate program presets right away from this HTML page! The clickable presets will be indicated [like this] - the following one is for example to reset all values to default. The browser will automatically be hidden to free the program screen, and will automatically proceed at the same line after re-clicking the "info" button in the program. You can now [reset all values].

We will go through some rather peculiar properties of the Golden Mean- resp. octave recursive heterodyning wave packets and demonstrate how they stand out among other series and combinations. Start by creating a [one 10Hz base frequency] ("Hz" is used for convenience here). We work with cosines rather than sines because this is more convenient for calculating coherent heterodynes. The 10 Hz time series is seen in the upper display, and the next display nicely shows the 10Hz peak in the Fourier magnitude spectrum. The phase spectrum looks messy because there is hardly any phase information, however at the 10Hz indicator it is precisely zero. The lower graph will be discussed later on.

Now [add one Golden Mean higher harmonic]. This can nicely teach the difference between linear (normal) wave interference and heterodyning mode. Use the radio buttons in the "create frequencies" section to toggle the modes, leave the other buttons for now. In the linear mode, the result is simply the (power) addition of the two original frequencies (apprx. 10 and 16 Hz) and these are seen as peaks in the spectrum. In the heterodyning mode however, the resultant wave form is composed as the sum and diffenence of the parent frequencies, that is apprx. 7 and 27 Hz (due to resolution issues the program may round upward). The parent waves are however still hidden in the signal, that is, they have become implicit. This shows the entire principle of how heterodyne waves can contain energy and information in implicit form. Leave the other settings and play with the base freq. and ratio sliders to see that sofar the principle is not Phi or Octave dependent. But this will no longer hold when a third wave is added.

It is still better demonstrated [adding a more higher and lower harmonics]. Now move the ratio slider slightly around Phi (1.618) ratio and see what happens in the combined signal and in the spectrum. In Phi ratio, the combined signal is sharply spiky and the spectrum looks in a way regular. This spectrum was found to form a "fractal string" and more precisely it forms a so called "binary Fibonacci" (or: "Golden String") spaced series of frequencies. The signal itself appears also fractal. But allready minutely away from Phi ratio, both the signal and the spectrum are quickly breaking up into chaos. This has 2 important consequences:

  • Phi ratio optimizes the amount of energy and information which can be stored and conveyed in a single heterodyne signal.
  • The resulting signal spikes eventually get so narrow ("Dirac" pulse like) that the "container wave" becomes nearly undetectable, and hence also incorruptable. This principle is sometimes referred to as a "scalar" wave. The more coherent harmonics are thus included, the more information is contained while at the same time the container wave gets more and more sustainable.

Now [choose this preset] and try the same for Octave (2) ratio. The principle is precisely the same, only with the difference that the resulting wave as well as its spectrum are not a fractal, but instead form an arithmetic (equidistant) series.

This simple tutorial so far has demonstrated the basics of coherent, heterodyned, "self-contained" wave-packets ("scalar waves" or singularities) based on Phi resp. Octave ratio, plus their resp. linear ("normal") spectra. These are the four types of wave packets discussed above as the "Components of VCP Unified Field model". Nevertheless there are many more specialties about them and closely related wave patterns not discussed here. In the Fractal Synth software we have a few more functions which can now be tested.

"Total frequencies table" - this shows the detected spectrum peaks and their corresponding phase oriëntations. It normally shows integer FFT values.

Other functions

If the ratio is set to Phi, the frequency spectrum can also exactly be calculated directly (e.g. without the use of the Fast Fourier algorithm, FFT), if [detect and use golden string] is checked. The calculated frequency table now shows decimal values. The "Golden String" is highlighted in the FFT spectrum and can thus be verified. In the program, click [info] near the Golden String checkbox to see the Golden String binary Fibonacci series, and directly compare with the Golden Mean heterodyne spectrum (from right to left!).

The FFT resp. calculated frequency table and the FFT phase table are used together to reconstruct the original heterodyne. This is the "Composite synthesized from spectra" display. The signal in the upper and lower displays should look closely identical. This technique can be used to create heterodyne vacuum coherence effects without an existing heterodyning medium. Note: at the moment of release, the pricise Golden String phase algorithm is not yet known and therefore the FFT phase spectrum is used - as a result, the synthesized composite is not perfect yet.

f the [auto range fitting] is checked this will automatically adjust the base frequency in order to fit the actual spectrum inside the display (either stretch or compress).

The presets under the ratio slider include the "more.." option. This will bring up a module called "Coherence Points" which calculates (using an itterative process) a few known other ratio's of increased heterodyne coherence (the "cousins of Phi"). Click the "Apply" button to transfer a "coherence point" to the Fractal Synth directly. You can open the module [here].

Next to the ratio slider you can click the "scan" option to open the Harmonic Scan Module. This module calculates the integral power of the composite signal (heterodyne oply) for all ratios from 1.2 to 2.1, using the current frequency settings. This demonstrates that Phi ratio (and its cousins incl. "Psi") phase-conjugation allows significantly higher wave power than other ratio's. The octave ratio, including its roots, however show a sharp decrease in wave power instead, which suggests that matrix physics essentially derives its power from the Phi-based, distributed coherence field (life force) only to anchor it in an individual style. This could explain the emerging of long lived so called "soliton waves" in a meta-stable medium. You can open the Harmonic Scan [here]. Alternatively, the Fractal Synth has a high-res, vertically printed Harmonic Scan on board which you can open from the Scan window (click the "vscan") or from the main window by clicking SHIFT + scan. Open the [hi-res scan].

NEW - Cepstrum and introducing GFFT - Geometric Fourier Transform - soon available in the Heart Tuner for direct and elegant full-scale EEG geometric analysis


Last but not least: Don't forget to click the ["splash"] button at the lower left
for a relaxed perspective on ubiquitous coherence!

Synopsis of coherent phase- vs. group waves effects and their Vacuum Coherence Physics - Unified Field dynamics

Phase conjugate type A: UNIVERSAL COHERENCE -> Phi recursive
SUPERLUMINAL DISTRIBUTION - Energy (still) contained / optimized inside the Phi phase conjugate packet is known as Life Force..

Group phenomenon / linear conjugate type A: ENERGY -> Arithmetics
When Life Force is apparently transformed or "reduced" - this is a turning into actual energy (heat or thermo-dynamics)..

Phase conjugate type B: OBSERVER PHYSICS -> Octave recursive
SUPERLUMINAL STORAGE-Heat / thermodynamics can also cohere - by observation - literally discerning (some, temporary) order in chaos - (that is to say, where there exists really none prior to observation - while we are spectulating that without observation all limited objects and events exist ONLY to the extend that there exists a unique, principal coherent reflection of the cardinal plane (pure life force) in the ubiquitous rectilinear matrix - somewhat like, but not identical to a moiré pattern.. which however IS a phase wave construct..) - this principle you learned as a kid when you heard scary "voices of the dead" substantiating amidst of radio noise.. this is but your BRAIN at work, but much better is use the wave-definition of the "Observer, which is defined as THE SKILL OF FITTING CHAOS INTO A RECTILINEAR GRID (1-D for sound, smell and taste or 2-D for touch or 3-D for sight) - this is the PHYSICS RECEIPE OF -LITERALLY - MAKING SENSE OF SOMETHING! - and we now know that "something" is not an object out there, but - ultimately - pure life force. So therefore the ONLY AVAILABLE REFERENCE to do this is NOT a material - group phenomenon - wave but the (by all means biological) SKILL of BUILDING A PHASE-CONJUGATE RECTILINEAR MIRROR OUT OF PHASE WAVES ONLY - literally to see order in chaos - and this is really an OCTAVE recursive phase-conjugate receipe - (which you can reconstruct using the Fractal Syntesizer software). The result of successfully (well, as long as it takes..) mirroring a semblance of order in chaos is called: SELF-AWARENESS which is thus energy contained in an Octave recursive phase-conjugate packet. Then..

Group phenomenon / linear conjugate type B: Fractality
Self-Awareness is apparently transformed or "reduced" - this is the creation of EMOTION (i.e. "inert self-awareness") for the individual or INERTIA (i.e. Cosmic Emotion or the yogic "Loka's") - this CAN ONLY BECOME SUSTAINABLE THROUGH TYPE A GOLDEN MEAN PHASE-CONJUGATE DISTRIBUTION. AND-SO-FORTH - - -

this IS the "Vacuum Coherence Physics - Unified Field" diagram - ideally close loop META-STABLE UNIFIED FIELD incorporating / summarizing:

Specialties of VCP - 6 points for a healthy philosophical outlook as a basis for proper Unified Field physics:

* there is a wave-equation for the observer;

* "observer" vs. "observed" is NOT the same as "subjective" vs. "objective"; in the VCP - Unified Field model these functions are perpendicular, indicating resp. perception (also: "inside-outness") and creation (also: "compression") - their combined energies are topologically coherent in the form of a toroid / photon.. (animation www.heartcoherence.com/tetraphysics)

* "subjective" or "consiousness" is really super-luminal distribution as "life-force" (golden mean stellations etc.) PLUS storage as self-awareness (octave matrix) - this is subtle PHASE WAVES resp. phase conjugate physics;

* "objective" or "matter" is sub-luminal distribution as expressed energies (arithmetic physics) PLUS storage as emotion (biological) or inertia (cosmic) (fractal) - this is all GROUP wave (Newtonian) effects.

* "Life Force" and "Self-Awareness" can be viewed as if emerging from material process, but at the same time have a subtle, but very profound effect on all creation; VCP is a diagram of the combined emergent and controlling effects of Life Force and Self-Awareness in creation.

* "Sub-luminal" effects occur when information is exchanged about the position of material (group wave) phenomenae. "Super-luminal" effects are the result of phase-wave phenomenae. Material effects are always sub-luminal, phase-wave effects are always super-luminal. A Photon exists at, and in fact IS the essential boundary effect of group- and phase wave physics and hence moves at precisely the speed of light.

We need to add here that the idea of "Space" in the sense of a MEDIUM incl. its intrinsic physics is the reverse or emergent effect of coherent phase-conjugation, and not the way round.


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