Fundamentals of tetralogic

The symmetry of the Four Causes as your ultimate guide to a new science
of learning, innovation and co-creation - Part I - Nov. 20, 2017


Aristotle - first and foremost Western thinker about causality.


The 4 causes exist together as groundstate, but are indistinguishable.


If the causes are mapped, the symmetry is broken.


The 4 causes become evident in the form of an extroversial and introversial cycle.


The bifurcation is what makes one function as many, and many as one - it is the characteristic bearing of the groundstate.

[zooming out, apple example]

In the extroversial phase, the formal cause looses its influence, and the 3 relative causes gradually increase their strength.


In the introversial phase, the strengh of the 3 relative causes is waning, and the formal cause is gradually restored.


In the balance of forces, the (inner) octahedron articulates one particular (orthogonal) symmetry axis ("bi-section"), activating the sequential matter wave.

[tetrahedral bi-section, tetrahelix, light]

Vice versa, the icosahedron restores the symmetry through synergistic fusion ("Phi-section"), metamorphosing the material form on a higher plan.

[tetrahedral Phi-section, dual tetrahelix, codons, SPI]

The geometric action gets substantiated through a (multi) torus topology amidst the mixing phases. This initiates the monoptic viewpoint of the individual microcosm.

[4 + 3 bosons, geometry of sound]

The rudimental torus is the trefoil, binding the relative causes in a material cycle.

[systaltic wave]

The multi-torus nucleus functions as a network, manifesting the synergetic action in time and space.

[geometry of color]

The torus unfolding outwardly projects the space-time frame, the plane of knowing.

[WWZ frame with helicity]

Vice versa, the ultimate internal realization of the microcosm is the triality or causal matrix.


A microcosm is a sovereign entity bound to manifest all relative causes, with the ulterior motive to merge with the formal cause.


The formal cause rests within the dodecahedron, representing the cosmic, unmanifest, immutable, omni-connected and omni-symmetrical groundstate.

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