Microvita Cosmology / Wave Matrix Physics
A new creation theory centred on life

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Microvita Cosmology / Wave Matrix Physics basic diagram
A new philosophy of creation with physics implications

MVC / WMP describes a living universe created from and by one singular Entity or Causal Matrix. All physical, mental and supra-mental phenomena are but different aspects of one and the same expression. The four "Chambers of Creation", that is the complementary subjective and objective faculties, are intuitionally significant and at the same time physically relevant. Intuitionally, they are found to form the universal template of conscious experience by defining the conceptual and perceptual arrows of the mind. Physically, they constitute complementary states of vacuum and density, both in a quantitative and qualitative sense, activating all types of waves in natural creation. Hence, in MVC / WMP, experience and creation are essentially one and the same phenomenon, and that's why it is a philosophy of life.

From the viewpoint of MVC / WMP, without the innate sentiency known as life, the universe would polarize into pure physicality and astrophysical vacuity. It is the waves of life which create equilibrium and shape the universe as we known it. Therefore, waves are not "un-physical" but they are subtle. That is, they have subtle components which elevate their nature and influece beyond the purely mechanical. These subtle aspects of waves can be described not only in psychological terms, but also in physics and mathemathics, leading to solutions in many fields beyond the reach of current science and technology.

Clearly, the approach for research on MVC - WMP is not only one of the lab, it is also one of the mind. Only through overcoming the mind's objective bias and dramatically expanding the concept of empiricism, both personally and scientifically, we may develop the intuitional skills to penetrate into the inner, supra-mechanistic secrets of creation and use it to solve a number of problems in modern society in more elegant ways.

Representations of the primary and secondary matrix singularities


Icosa-Dodeca centred stellation wave matrix, with different views, the primary singularity
and geometric cause of spherical compression.


ube-octa distributive stellation wave matrix, with implied tetra stellation highlighted.
This is the secondary singularity and geometric cause of rotational compression.


Impression of phasic rotation in one plane of the cube-octa wave matrix.
(automated GIF-movie capture from LifeGraphics-3D)

Representations of the objectifying universal medium
Showing the effect of the activated matrix singularities

Toroidal topology representation of universal medium, showing main MVC / WMP faculties
and transformations, relating to the long range forces of nature as accelerative principles.

Toroidal topology representation of universal medium, showing rotational / toroidal wave
resonance, relating to creative equilibria between conceptual and perceptual waves and


Geodesic analysis of combined spherical and rotational compression (top-, lateral and oblique
views). Red indicates predominant rotation, blue predominant spherical compression. A single
geodesic path is evolved by iteratively adding the spherical and rotational compression tensors.
The geodesics initial points were mapped to create an all over spherical shape. While rotating
in the normal plane, the MVC / WMP geodesic model is the only known shape compressing
equally in all directions. The geodesic analysis especially brings out the existence of creational
zones which are predominantly rotationally- or spherically compressive, or both. It also relates
to the formation of geometric and angular equilibria where the matrix singularities are diverging
as a result of the objective bias.

(automated GIF-movie capture from LifeGraphics-3D)



Isotopic analysis of a combined spherical and rotational compression tensor field, with
respectively lateral and top view cross-sections with continuous colour scheme, and lateral
discrete isotopic regions. The value in a given point is the magnitude product (i.e. a scalar value)
of the spherical and rotational tensors (i.e. local vector) in that point. Lighter colour indicates a
greater magnitude. This analysis shows a zone of maximum creative dynamism, which is
likely to refer to organic life and ecosystems. [Software by FB]


Observational evidence of space creating density all by itself - which would
account for the "primary objective" in the MVC / WMP creation diagram?

"In 2000 astronomers found a gas cloud VIRGOHI21 and tried to find a theory of what it was and
or why it could cause such a gravitational pull from NGC 4254 galaxy. After years of running out
of other explanations some have concluded that VIRGOHI21 is a dark galaxy, due to the massive
effect it had on NGC 4254[1]
". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_galaxy

"VIRGOHI21 is an extended region of neutral hydrogen (HI) in the Virgo cluster discovered in 2005.
Analysis of its internal motion indicates that it may contain a large amount of dark matter, as much
as a small galaxy. Since VIRGOHI21 apparently contains no stars, this would make it one of the first
detected dark galaxies. Skeptics of this interpretation argue that VIRGOHI21 is simply a tidal tail of the
nearby galaxy NGC 4254".

Evidence of wave matrix physics in bio-psychology

Below follows some empirical evidence of various aspects of MVC / WMP theory
plus a brief discussion of actual applications in the field electro-physiology.

1. "The geometric origin of selective colour empathy"

MVC / WMP predicts the exact distrubution of the primary colours plus the photopic
peak sensitivity, from the so called interdigitation angles between the qualitative and
quantitative matrix singularities. The principle is that when the respective matrices are
angularly lined-up, this leads to enhanced experience. This evolves the concept of
primary colours from a purely "subjective" phenomenon to real physics. Besides the
empirical aspect, this also hints at a general correlation between matrix angles and
the frequency, respectively energy of an electromagnetic wave. Below images show
the geometric model
(cube-octa matrix represented by a tetrahedron) and the resulting
angle-frequency table.


2. "The geometric origin of selective sound perception"

MVC / WMP accurately predicts the
position of the so called "formants" of the
vowels, based on resonance of the torus' rotational and toroidal frequencies. The
physical similarity between human speech and toroidal physics is the creation of
resonances in a harmonically rich environment. This predicts resonance peaks
which could be verified using speech synthesis software, producing the vowels.
Below images show the toroidal resonance patterns and the resulting formant table.


3. The plexi or cakra's of Yogic science
first time ever systematic explanation of their universal origin

MVC / WMP's main diagram explains the psychological meaning of the wave
matrix singularities controlling the integration phases. From this the complete system
of plexi of bio-psychology, that is, the cakra's can be eveolved. Below diagram shows
for each cakra the relevant geometry through the corresponding viewing angle. A
detailed explanation of the wave matrix origin of the cakra's and channels connecting
them follows in the main article in JOURNAL OF FUTURE STUDIES (due May 2011).



4. MVC / WMP in electro-physiology of the heart and brain

The wave matrix singularities in de integration phases of the MVC / WMP diagram provide a unique explanation and interpretation of ECG (heart) and EEG (brain) frequencies. With respect to human experience and psychology, the universal subjective and objective faculties can be interpreted as follows:

Tthe complete cycle of the MVC / WMP main diagram among the subjective and objective faculties makes psychologically sense. The reduction / objectivation phases (not drawn here) indicate that the true source of inspiration is actual synergy / empathy and not mere objective intentions and longings. At the same time, the only cause of individual intentions and longings can be a subjective feeling of self-awareness, and not cognition in the objective sense.

Electro-physiology involves the measuring and interpretation of physiological data, in most cases ECG and EEG spectra. The synergetic and cognitive matrix singularities are part of the Causal Matrix, so their waves are causal waves (or, popularly, waves of "consciousness"). These can normally not be measured directly. However in the case of the heart and brain, as these are highly evolved, sensitive organs which relate to the body as well as the mind, their inner working is directly translated into physical signals, that is, electricity.

On the basic level of wave matrix physics, the electro-physiology of heart and brain are considered identical. However, the way of measuring it proved to be quite different in each case. Physiologically, this is explained as: the heart is a pulsed network, whereas the brain is a network of pulses. As a result of these different, almost opposite inner architectures, wave matrix coherence in the brain is defined in terms of so called "heterodyne synthesis", whereas coherence in the heart it is (normal) "additive synthesis". This explains the very different algorithms used for measuring heart or brain spectral geometry. The different media of wave physics relate to the MVC / WMP creation diagram as follows:

This means, and was mathematically proven, that Golden Mean ratio wave recurrence in heterodyne synthesis directly relates to fractal wave patterns in additive synthesis. Likewise, octave ratio recurrence in heterodyne synthesis relates to periodic signals in additive synthesis. For example, in the case of periodic signals, this obviously relates to the heartbeat which, because it is (normal) additive synthesis, can be measured directly. Fractality is also additive synthesis, and relates to the heart rate fluctuations (HRV). Heterodyne wave synthesis is normally not directly measurable, however in the very exceptional case of the brain, it is. This is because it was discovered that the brain, as a consequence of its network structure, translates heterodyne waves into a dierctly measurable spectrum. This means, that at moments the brain is in a highly coherent state, either or both of the wave matrix singularities can directly be measured as Golden Mean or octave series.

With the proper equipment, sensors and algorithms, empathic- and cognitive coherence (i.e. efficiency) can be measured, in the special form as it relates to the heart or the brain, respectively. This is also psychologically a bit different in each case, as follows:

Cognitive / empathic Heart Brain
(Individual one-ness)
Outer focus or passion Inner focus or self-awareness
(Cosmic one-ness)*
Inner feeling or empathy Outer feeling or synergy
*) "Cosmic" refers to all synergy, not necessarily astro-physics

Now, the heart and brain can be analysed separately, but they cannot be separated, neither physiologically nor psychologically. MVC / WMP hence provides a clear diagram of heart-brain interaction, that is, heart-brain coherence:

Cognitive / empathic Heart Brain
(Individual one-ness)
Is empowered by
"Brain - synergy"
(primary reduction phase)
Controls (as attractor)
"Heart - focused passion"
(secundary integration phase)
(Cosmic one-ness)
Is empowered by
"Brain - self-awareness"
(secundary reduction phase)
Controls (as attractor)
"Heart - empathy"
(primary integration phase)

In simple socio-psychological terms it means, that:

  • feeling for others is empowered by inner focus (or: from self-awareness to empathy), but:
  • feeling for others is only truly realized by understanding others (or: from empathy to synergy)
  • focused passion is empowered by understanding others (or: from synergy to passion), but:
  • focused passion is only truly realized by inner focus (or: from passion to self-awareness)

This way it is shown that "heart- and brain intelligence" are locked in an intelligent, closed-loop equilibrium, where "being one with yourself" and "being one with others" are equally important, but have a different meaning for the heart or the brain. This insight is the unique spin-off from MVC / WMP in the field of electro-physiology.

A additional special lesson to be learned is, that discriminating between "feeling" and "thinking" is not equivalent to discriminating between "heart" and "brain", respectively! The brain also "feels" (that is: synergy) whereas the heart also "thinks" (that is: focused passion, which is not the same as longing..!).

Wave Matrix Physics for heart and brain diagnosis and training is used by medical professionals and therapists worldwide, using the CardioGem and NeuroGem (sensors, monitor and software from trigunamedia.com). Below are samples from sessions showing low, respectively high coherence in heart and brain. The wave matrix singularities were added for clarification.


NeuroGem spectrograms from respectively a diagnostic and a training sesssion. The spectrogram shows the amount of coherence for all geometric ratio's in the full EEG spectrum apprx. between 1.4 and 2.2 and is updated every second. The training session shows dramatically improved coherence accurately at octave (2) ratio and around Golden Mean (1.62), as result of biofeedback. Sustained coherence, seen as a trail of peaks, is almost exclusively occurring at these ratio's and is therefore associated with cognitive clarity (octave) and empathy (Golden Mean).



CardioGem history graphs with Internal Cardiac Coherence (ICC, blue) and tachogram (red). The ICC level indicates the (momentary) amount of coherence in the ECG spectrum (i.e. octave related). The tacho ideally implies fractal coherence (i.e. Golden Mean related) in the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) spectrum. In this recording, as result of monotonic = unnatural breathing, the internal cardiac coherence is low, and the HRV coherence is virtually zero.


CardioGem ICC and tacho history plus ICC histogram and Dynamic Index. This recording is from a healthy mid-aged subject with good ICC and HRV. HRV coherence (also called Harmonic Inclusiveness) is not analyzed directly, but is derived from the ICC statistics. The ICC histogram ideally follows the Gaussian (natural) distribution (shown on the background) which is a measure for ICC and HRV coherence together. The quality of the natural distribution is captured by the CardioGem's Dynamic Index indicating allover cardiac coherence (that is, ICC plus HRV at the same time), and thus health.

Wave Matrix - Spectral Geometry diagnosis + entrainment equipment
and software


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