PROUT Convention 2017 - Vig, Denmark
July 17, 2017 – July 23, 2017

Lectures / workshop (final)


Environmental challenges and solutions in the light of P.R. Sarkar's new science

Frank van den Bovenkamp

afternoon workshops fri. 21st. and sat. 22nd. 14:30

Can Shrii P.R. Sarkar's ideas help further shape and articulate climate science?

• Silencing climate science deniers

• Re-thinking our energy dependency

• Engineering breakthrough solutions


Part I - Reviewing the Cycle of Creation in the light of the newest scientific insights

Part II - Understanding the true nature of energy sources and their utilisation

Part III - "A new line of thinking" that could lead to breakthrough technologies


Food 4 thought...

Life needs energy, but does not literally consume energy the way we do. In our isolated way of living and thinking we have lost our common sense of discriminating between "energy" and "the use of energy". It is only the latter that is associated with entropy (roughly, "chaos"), and thus with the depletion of our natural environment.

Shrii P.R. Sarkar outlined in great detail how balance in the universe is not primarily maintained by energy, but by another factor yet unknown in science.

In the upcoming lectures / workshop we will first take a fresh look at currently known energy sources, and how to effectively assess their environmental impact using a scientific take on the Cycle of Creation. This way we will review the concept of "carbon footprint" and learn how to formulate the "ideal" energy economy.

Also it will be shown why there is no such thing as "free energy" and how in a (near) future society our needs could be fulfilled using P.R. Sarkars microvita cosmology.


Can the Cycle of Creation help us understand the nature and impact of energy sources?
Does life use energy just like the way we do? If life can succesfully break out of the prime creator field, then why not technology?



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