The Rainbow Weaver
The Geometry of Color as a life size Art & Edu installation

The pattern hidden within the spectrum of visible light,
which every child can see (but no physicist can detect),
is composed of the cardinal angles where the symmetry of creation
is somewhat less broken,
and where our connection with the Mind of the Universe
is therefore less perturbed.

The geometries of the invisible (synergetic, scalar, "Phi-furcated", omni-symmetrical, convergent) and the visible
(entropic, vector, bifurcated, multi-symmetrical, divergent) creation spaces, each time they match, are found to
accurately map the wavelength of one of the primary colors, thus proving their existence based on
clear and direct evidence. It truly is the geometry of the convenant which is life itself.

The Rainbow Weaver is a life sized interactive art installation for beauty, inspiration and education.

3D interactive animation        TGMResearch