Synergetic Field Theory

The scalar field functioning as a morphological field

Frank van den Bovenkamp


Standard ("spontaneous") symmetry breaking is done by manually adding a term to the scalar self-interaction mode.

This produces the so called "Mexican Hat" potential well.

A new type of symmetry breaking is proposed
based on actual, deterministic self-interactions (synchronized mode).

This natuarally produces ALL the major qualities of standard symmetry breaking:

  • Vacuum Expectation Value and thus a real vacuum
  • Potential well
  • Goldstone modes
  • and much more..

Further it is hypotized that, in part because of the self-synchronization, symmetry breaking is no longer a discrete process, but instead maintains a state on the edge of equilibrium.

This could have a number of interesting implications both in quantum mechanics and for example in fields such as bio-chemistry.

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