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TetraLogic - the science of the Triality in action - made visible

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date: Jan. 21, 2018

TetraTools® is a new application serving as an interactive document and work-sheet based on concepts originally developed by TrigunaMedia / TGMResearch (since 2004 applied in the field of ECG/EEG measurements), with 3D animations by TheGraphicsMonkey, adapted for practical application in the field of complexity management. Practical tools such as the Collin Co-creation model and Semantics are included as plug-in.

In other words, TetraTools represents ORIGINAL science (IP) presented in the form of, but otherwise unrelated to an interactive 3D format. Therefore it cannot retroactively be construed as a visualization of known or self-evident ideas. So one thing is de science, the other thing is the 3D.

TetraTools is licenced software (with dongle protection). For more information contact Frank van den Bovenkamp (frank@trigunamedia.com) or Collin BV (collinweb.nl).

A few of the main sources forming the IP on which TetraTools is based:

Source articles Tetralogic
: science.trigunamedia.com/tetralogic.

Triality and tetralogic fundamental concepts
About screen with registration
Welcome screen

Triality in heterodyne and additive synthesis

Triality "Goldstone modes" simultaneous and sequential cycles

Bifurcation due to axiomatic vs. real volumetric decomposition

Tetra as pivot in (non-trivially) geometrized morfological fields

Dual tetra's - the geometries of extroversial + introversial phases

Tetra of natural color synthesis, also incl. creation of momentum

"Phi-furcation" - synergetic resonance with the Phi-spectrum

Hinting at the torus as synergetic + energetic resonances

Same, plus vacuum expectation value generating real torus

AI / neuro: networking synergetic + sequential nodes


Collin co-creation model (interactive)

Semantics worksheets

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